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Oil change

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kilometers past due?

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Vehicle Safety

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Tire change

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Too busy to keep up with your car's maintenance schedule?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us or chat with a live representative if you have any other questions.
Our system has a natural 15 minutes buffer built into all requests to accommodate for late appointments. However, if you are running late we ask that you log into your account and call your scheduled shop to notify them. The shop owner will let you know if you will be rescheduled at a mutually agreed time in which case you will receive a brand new appointment confirmation via email.
All the available times that online customers see are actually real-time availabilities given the required duration to complete your requested services. Our system integrates with all of our partnered shop's schedules and displays the vacancies they have for any given date and time. Our system will notify the shop when you send a request for service. Shops have the power to automatically accept or reschedule your request via email.
Prostop Canada helps customers schedule: Oil changes, tire changes, vehicle safety and a variety of vehicle inspections. Our oil change system is sophisticated enough to identify the default recommended grade of oil for your vehicle and display the shops that carry the required grade and display the brand of oil used. (Customers can also sort shops based on which brand of oil they prefer) Our vehicle inspection request tool removes the headache in diagnosing your vehicle issues. Now feel free to schedule a vehicle inspection based on Suspension, engine, electrical, safety and other general concerns.
There is a service fee of only $3.87 for appointments booked for “Today” Appointments booked “In-month” or in the future will have no service fee associated with it.
Under the Consumer Protection Act, parts and labour have a warranty for up to 90 days or 5,000 km (whichever comes first). Repairers can also offer coverage beyond that minimum warranty. Prostop Canada meticulously vets all of our partnered shops to ensure the customer experience is never compromised. Prostop Canada is an intermediary providing automated service advisory solutions to both end-users and our partnered shops. If there are any issues with a particular service shop customers are encouraged to escalate with that respective shop and contact us documenting the ordeal. If service is performed unsatisfactory your Prostop Canada fee if applicable will be returned to you.
Just log into your account and click reschedule. Once the reschedule request has been made our shop will be automatically updated they can either accept remotely or give you a call to reschedule for a more appropriate time that works for both of you.

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